Sihaya and Company: Sisterhood of the Moon Autumn 2016 Seasonal Box


Sihaya and Co. began releasing seasonal boxes full of goods from indie companies during the beginning of this year and when I found out about the Autumn box, I dived right in and purchased one! This is an awesome way to get limited edition and exclusive products, plus you get to try and discover new indie companies you may never have heard of before.

Some detailed info first before we get going:

  • The theme of this box was “Sisterhood of the Moon” AKA witchy and spooky things galore.
  • There were 8 items included within the box, some of which were guaranteed limited-edition exclusives until at least December of 2016; after this date, more of these products may be made for sale if the maker so chooses. Each item was listed on the website, but the descriptions were kept vague to allow for surprises. I’ll mark exclusives with a little ⭐️ to differentiate them.
  • This box cost $65, plus $12 shipping for a total of $77. This total price varies with each seasonal box. On a personal note, I was genuinely shocked at the shipping price, but then realized that this is a lot cheaper than if you were to purchase from 8 individual shops and had to pay the shipping charges for each order. That in itself makes this box a great deal!

Here’s what the Autumn 2016 box contained!


Creature of the Night Enamel Pin by Cat Coven: An awesome and very detailed silver bat pin; I can’t wait to pin this on my tote bag!


Blind Worm’s Sting Highlighter by Corvus Cosmetics ⭐️: Wearable light lavender-pink highlighter. This is so luminous and gorgeous that I’m in awe of it. It’s just right for nearly everyday wear. A much more lavender leaning version of the Just Like Starlight highlighter from the AFK Christmas in July Advent Calendar.


Sugar Cube Skulls by Dem Bones: Sugar cubes shaped like skulls that are fun to watch dissolve. Having tried one with my tea, I do think that maybe these skulls have more sugar than regular sugar cubes buuut since I haven’t used sugar cubes in a long time I might be wrong LOL.


Black Cats and Pointy Hats Tea Blend by Dryad Tea ⭐️: The label describes this blend as “All things autumn, mulled spices and apples. Delightful with honey as crisp leaves fall from trees ready to sleep for the season.” This is extremely fragrant and pungent in the jar, and it’s like getting punched in the face by everything Autumn (minus the pumpkins). I tried this without honey–there was sadly none in the house–but with a sugar cube skull 💀 instead and I… liked it? Regrettably, I’m more of a milk tea person and there happened to be no more milk in the house either (aren’t I just lucky?) so I really can’t write “IT’S GREAT!” without milk present. Otherwise, this blend was quite pleasant and really wonderful to drink while snuggling up into a blanket. I’ll make sure that there’s milk and honey in the house next time!

Sisterhood of the Moon Candle by Sihaya and Company ⭐️: A candle described on the website with notes of “amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla.” All I can say is that this candle is heavenly. The scent is just right for cooler nights and I recommend picking this up if Sihaya and Co. decide to sell more of these. I love the sparkly glitters included in this candle as well as it’s quite a novelty.


Liber Officiorum Spirituum Perfume Oil by Sixteen92 ⭐️: Notes listed on the website as “Ancient parchment, leather bindings, smoldering resins, frankincense tears, ritual candles, black fire, soot, steel, dust and smoke.” Since I received this package not too long ago, I haven’t had the time to do a full test of this perfume. The description is definitely on point and this scent is more on the spookier and sinister end of the spectrum. While this brings to mind an alchemist’s study, this is also perfect for holding rituals in the middle of the forest on the night of a full moon 🌕


Autumn Jewels Short Story by Shveta Thakrar ⭐️: This short story was presented as a wall-hanging scroll. This story was atmospheric and a perfect addition to this box. I was initially hesitant about the box, but seeing the inclusion of a short story was what tipped me over to get it. I’ve never read anything by Shveta Thakrar before, but now I’m super excited for the East Asian and South Asian myth and folklore based short story anthology she’ll contribute to that’s coming around in 2018!

Autumn Armour Soap Bar by Villainess Soaps ⭐️: The characteristic scent is described on the label as “steel roses and prickly pear, transparent amber, dragon’s hide and a smokescreen of sandalwood incense.” This is such an intoxicating blend of scents; it’s very much akin to traditionally “masculine” smelling bath products but maintains an indescribably ethereal and mysterious quality to it. I’m hoping that more of these will be made as the scent is already becoming a favorite of mine.

The entire box was amazing and I highly encourage anyone interested to go and get the next box for Winter! I’m definitely anticipating the next release; I’m hoping for a hot chocolate mix in the Winter box… ☕️☃️

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