Squash Beauty: Swatches of Millie and Sara Jane


Squash Beauty is a new indie brand that just launched in September of this year; they specialize in liquid highlighters and blushes presented in gorgeous glass bottles. I loved how everything was presented–the aesthetic was just so pleasing–and I’ve been meaning to try some indie liquid highlighters. It was just simply perfect timing!

Just to let you know (if you haven’t figured it out already) I’m a highlighter fiend. I own way too many and I just don’t consider it a good makeup day unless my highlight looks ✨BLINDING✨. In order to control my horrible spending habits and highlighter addiction, I only purchased two: Millie and Sara Jane. I was so sad as I really wanted to try Riley and Amara as well, but decided to just stick to two instead. The blushes looked nice as well, BUT a self-imposed budget should be respected and adhered to (though knowing me, I’ll probably try everything at some point LOL).

Squash Beauty calls their highlighters “liquid luminizers” which is a pretty name befitting a pretty product. Full size products come in glass bottles with droppers. The droppers allow you to control how much product you’d like to use and is super helpful. The consistency of the product is slightly thicker, nearly cream-like when it comes out of the bottle; while being blended out with a finger it becomes a little more liquified.

The following swatches were blended out heavily over a large area of skin. These are highly  blend-able and are perfect for a subtle look, if so desired.

Millie: Soft lavender-pink. This often blends out to a very light pink, so I like to use it as a an extremely subtle blush as well.

Sara Jane: Pearl white. This is insanely pretty and glowy!

Millie is on the top right, Sara Jane is on the bottom left.

Here is a comparison shot of the two next to each other. These two swatches were blended out over a concentrated area to show pigmentation. They’re extremely reflective IRL!

With these products, a little goes a long way! It’s super easy to do a subtle look or a very noticeable one; I love how versatile these are and how you can change your application to suit your needs. I’ve also been using these two as a base for my powder highlighters, and I must say that using these beforehand really makes my highlighter pop! These work wonderfully over liquid foundation and blend very well into my skin. And according to this reddit thread, these are even lip-safe!

Overall I’m super happy with the formula’s consistency and pigmentation. Someone please stop me before I end up buying the entire catalogue, I’m too in love with everything I got!!! I hear there’s a pumpkin spice highlighter in the works and it’s reeeeealllly calling to me… I can feel my willpower slowly diminishing. 💘


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