Innocent + Twisted Alchemy: Clearance Haul and Swatches


There was a clear-out sale for Innocent + Twisted Alchemy a while back, mainly due to the fact that the owner’s recipe files on her computer got corrupted–this meant that a LOT of shadows and cheek colors had to be discontinued ☹️. I managed to snag what I had my eye on for a while, and even bought back-ups for a few colors I really liked. On the plus side of things, some of these colors are actually still available in the shop! I’m super happy about this since I discovered some new favorites that I definitely need back-ups of!

Everything I bought was so gorgeous and breathtaking; these colors are amazing, as is the formula! The only thing I didn’t expect was that I+T does not include sifters in eyeshadow jars. This meant that for some shadows, the pigments got everywhere when I opened the jars and had to do some major clean up. Other than that minor inconvenience, I really enjoyed everything that I bought. (Quick note: for swatches, I didn’t swatch my back-ups of Lusheeta since I already did so in this post.)

All eyeshadow swatches done over Urban Decay Potion Primer on the left, Too Faced Glitter Glue on the right.

I+T Alchemists Subscription Extras


Spoiled Betties: Shimmery beige-pink; part of the subscription for November 2015. This color is simple, yet so pretty. The beige tones comes out more IRL and really compliments the pink base.

Full-On Monet: Lavender-blue with just a hint of a gold shift; part of the subscription for November 2015. The name is extremely on point with this one! It had me thinking of Monet’s water lily paintings.

Enamored by Morning Light: A red leaning pink with a purple shift; part of the subscription for August 2016. This is a neutral with a twist and worked best with glitter glue.

Jingwei: Mint with a soft gold duochrome; part of the subscription for August 2016. This was certainly a surprise favorite for me, as I don’t gravitate towards mint colors! But the gold duochrome definitely sold me on this one.

Lightning: Pink with a blue-green duochrome; part of the subscription for June 2016. I immediately grabbed an extra one of this, as it’s just too lovely.

Release the Clow Collection


Moon Castles: White with an ethereal blue sheen. In all honesty I should have picked up another one, its wonderful!

Cherry Blossom Magic: Light pink with a gold finish. Pink-golds are my weakness and I must have all of them.

Lion of the Sun: Pure gold. Possibly the most metallic and reflective gold eyeshadow I own.

Feats of Fashion: Green shimmer over a black base. For this particular color, it’s patchy without glitter glue and still a little tricky to even out over glitter glue. Despite this issue, this is one of the most unique shadows I own!

Face Products:


Metamorphase: Subdued pink with a white sheen; part of the subscription for August 2016. I have tried this as a highlight, but wasn’t too taken with it. It’s much better as a blush for me.

Invincible Spell: Bright pink blush with gold sparkles; part of the Release the Clow collection. A little goes a long way with this one.

Complimentary Extras



Breaking Down: Lavender with a green sheen and lots of gold glitter. I ended up really liking this shade! I’m sad that I didn’t notice it in the catalog earlier.

Runner Vision: Matte blue with sparse gold sparkles. So. Confusing. A matte with sparkles??? I ended up watching it over glitter glue anyway. I dislike this color so I may end up giving this to a friend.

I can’t help but be enamored by I+T’s shadow formula! It’s soft, smooth, and exceptionally pigmented. I’ll purchase more from their catalogue when I get the chance. I look forward to anything they may put out in the future! 💘


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