Smelly Yeti Perfumery: Princess Jellyfish and Ponyo Reviews


During the first half of September, Smelly Yeti Perfumery brought back their previous Smell of the Month scents from the past year or so. Having already fallen in love with Ponyo when I received it in AFK’s Christmas in July Advent Calendar, I decided to go all in and purchase a full bottle. I also purchased a full size of Princess Jellyfish (I loved the anime too much to resist!).

This is my first perfume review, so I may not be as thorough as I’d like to be because WordPress decided to delete all my words for seemingly no reason and made me loose my progress isn’t that great! ahahaha I’m still bitter. However, it should be noted that this isn’t my first indie perfume purchase (there’s a lot of stuff waiting for me to review!) and I’ve been purchasing perfume for a little while.

Princess Jellyfish

Jammy strawberry jellyfish float through a cool blue ocean, salty and a little sweet, with a hint of guava. Aquatic and feminine, but not too sugary.

In the bottle: It’s mostly strawberries, with just a hint of something salty and aquatic.

Wet on skin: Guava finally emerges to counteract the strawberry. What also happens is the saltiness of the scent starts becoming more pronounced.

Dry down: The scent is now much more harmonious with the strawberry playing nice with the guava. The aquatic aspects also provide a nice background to the scent.

Final thoughts: Honestly, this is quite fruity on my skin; I seem to amp up all the fruit notes to no end. This is barely reigned in by the aquatic qualities of the scent, which I am thankful for. All in all, this is a wonderfully pretty scent! This scent evokes: the color pink, ruffled dresses, and colorful wigs.


Coconut, peaches, apricots, beach air, salty seaweed. (Note: this is not the official description; the full description was lost when WordPress deleted my previous work, but these are the correct notes. I’ll update this when the notes are back up on SY’s website)

In the bottle: All peaches and apricots (though to be fair, I cannot tell the difference between the two); just a hint of coconut and barely any salty/aquatic notes at all.

Wet on skin: The beach-like aspects of the scent come out and play with the peaches and apricots; the coconut is slightly stronger now.

Dry down: Coconut is now on par with the peaches and apricots. In fact, the coconut may have gotten creamier? The saltiness is still there and it’s wonderful.

Final thoughts: This is seriously the perfect scent for summer. It’s gloriously happy and embodies sunshine. I love how it slowly changes as I wear it. This scent evokes: sunsets, playing around and making sand castles, and cold fruit popsicles.

Complimentary Extra: Graduation

 Sparkling apple juice! My favorite drink in times of celebration. Enormously fizzy, with crisp apples underscored by ancient amber.

The little dinosaur was included as a lovely little extra with my order 😀

I was a little surprised to see this with my order, but it may have been included due to the extended TAT and overwhelming amount of orders Smelly Yeti received. This was another SMotM; this was based on the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In the bottle: Apples and fizzy goodness. What sorcery is this?

Wet on skin: The apples start mingling with the amber; the fizziness of the scent also tickles my nose a bit more. Again, it’s magical.

Dry down: On my skin, the fizz flattens out. Amber overtakes the apples a bit, leaving a strange residual scent that I don’t quite enjoy.

Final thoughts: Overall, this isn’t a scent that I would normally pick. For what it’s worth, this is still quite amazing as I could simply not get over how realistic it was. This scent evokes: fancy occasions, Autumn, and apple slices.

Everything from Smelly Yeti was super unique and fun to try out. I really didn’t think I’d like fruity scents, but I was wrong! I’m excited for anything that Smelly Yeti might release in the future!


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